Installing thin-film panels on petroleum tanks

Installing solar panels on top of the petroleum tanks is an iconic act in a paradigm shift. This is a shift of focus among policymakers from fossil fuels to renewable energies, especially solar energy.

According to Commercial Property Executive news, Sprague Operating Resources, a Sprague Resources subsidiary, has joined forces with Massachusetts-based installer of thin-film solar panels Picktricity in a project meant to reduce emissions and save money by applying the adhesive solar panels to one of Sprague’s tanks in South Portland, Maine. Initially, Picktricity had approached Sprague with the offer in 2017. Sprague was the first to bring ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel to the Northeast in 2000 and the first BQ9000 biodiesel-certified marketer in the united states.

The company’s thin-film panels feature increased flexibility and reduced weight compared with traditional panels. Moreover, they can be applied directly to flat surfaces. The two firms are now discussing offering technology to other terminal operators throughout the U.S. “We put the panels on a typical storage tank to see if we could use our existing assets to generate energy savings while enhancing our sustainability efforts,” said Jay Leduc, director of sustainability at Sprague, in prepared remarks. “With the pilot project generating annual savings, we are excited to roll this out on many more of our tanks and take advantage of greater savings and possible revenue generation.” ——————–***——————–
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Installing thin-film panels on petroleum tanks

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Date: Feb 19, 2019 @ 10:24

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