Introducing 5 out of 10 Finalists of InterSolar Photovoltaic Award in 2020

The Smarter E jury introduced the final candidates of the InterSolar Award 2020. As usual, there are 10 finalists on the final list. we can categorize them into the 5 main categories including PV manufacturer, Inverter producer, EPC contractor, simulator, and the coating layer producer. Here, we introduce 5 of them.

Ampner’s Invertor

Ampner is a Finnish inverter producer. The Ampner ACE™ 300 is a family of outdoor-rated inverters and converters designed to meet the requirements of 1500-Vdc, grid-connected systems both in photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage (ES) application areas globally. Features of the inverter are the extremely robust nominal output of up to 333 kVA with an outstanding power density and needing less labor-intensive.

BayWa r.e.

BayWa r.e. is an EPC contractor. The integrated BayWa r.e. floating PV solution based on ZimFloat, a joint solution by BayWa and Zimmermann, makes it possible to safely and efficiently utilize bodies of water for solar power generation. The main feature of their solution is less construction and delivery time, i.e. constructing 1MW per day.

Eturnity AG 

The Eturnity AG is a simulation developer firm. The Solar Calculator of Eturnity AG is an integrated simulation platform for yield simulation that allows PV installers to generate sound and transparent quotations for their end customers. The Solar Calculator could help advise your customers via your web portal.

Ferroamp Elektronik AB

Ferroamp Elektronik AB is a Swedish company. The Generic Solar String Optimizer brings a more flexible way of planning, installing, and maintaining PV systems. With this product, solar power can be fed directly into direct current systems such as charging stations for electric vehicles. The optimizer has been designed for larger residential systems, with a capacity classed at 16 kW and an output voltage which can be selected within the range from 400 to 800 V. it is also noted that the string optimizer helps to ensure that you are getting the most out of your solar system.

Fronius International GmbH

The Fronius  product, Fronius GEN24 Plus, is the versatile hybrid inverter with integrated back-up power and thus offers the best flexible solution for solar energy supply in combination with a domestic storage system. In addition, it has flexible connection options, an innovative cooling concept, and simple installation.

It is noted that the presentation of the award winners takes place as part of the smarter E Europe on June 30, 2020 (3:00 pm-4:00 pm)



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