Introducing the Remaining Two Finalists of InterSolar Photovoltaic Award in 2020

The Smarter E jury announced the finalists of the InterSolar Award 2020. As usual, there are 10 companies on the final list. We categorized them into 5 main categories including PV manufacturer, Inverter producer, EPC contractor, simulator, and the coating layer producer. 

In the previous two posts, 945 and 947, we introduced 8 out of 10 finalists. Now, we want to introduce the two remainings.

NanoPhos SA

The Surfsheild G is the product of NanoPhos firm that can be coated to PV modules during production or after installation. Their nanostructured-based product results increasing in the yield of PV systems and considerably reducing the need for cleaning. If this product is coated as a layer on the PV module’s surface, due to being particle-resistant and self-cleaning it will improve the performance of PV modules in areas highly prone to pollutants such as desert installations. 

Sungrow Power Supply

Sungrow’s SG250HX inverter is the last candidate of the InterSolar Award. Its string inverter is suitable for large-scale PV plants. Because it consists of twelve independent maximum power point (MPP) trackers per device and an extremely high weighted efficiency, 98.8%.Due to this fact,  it results in boasting an impressively high nominal power of plants. 

It is also noted that the presentation of the award winners takes place as part of the smarter E Europe on June 30, 2020 (3:00 pm-4:00 pm)

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