Jinko Solar introduced new Tiger Pro series member with 610 W & 22.3% Efficiency at SNEC

Jinko Solar released one of the most powerful PV modules in the world under its Tiger Pro brand. This model of the Tiger pro series has 610 W power and 22.3% efficiency. Thanks to tiling ribbon technology, Multi busbar (MBB), and using high-efficiency N-type Topcon cells, the firm has reached the highest module power for monofacial PV modules up to now.

At the beginning of this year, Jinko Solar unveiled the first version of the Tiger Pro series with 580W power 21.6% efficiency. The company had announced that Mass production of this model is scheduled to begin in Q3/2020. Now in the middle of Q3, it uncovered its breakthrough in efficiency and module power for the Tiger Pro series once again.

As one of the substantial points, it has achieved a 90% CTM ratio. The CTM ratio stands for the ratio which is relevant to the efficiency of the module proportional to cell efficiency. The increasing CTM ratio leads to improved efficiency of a solar module and reduces the price per watt of it.

It is worth mentioning that Jinko Solar’s cell efficiency is 24.79%.

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