Latest Generation of The Most Powerful Solar Module Comes up with 515.8 Watt

Using a large wafer size has been one of the general trends since 2010 in the solar industry sector. The thought behind this choice is reaching higher output power at the module level. Trina solar as one of the pioneers of manufacturing PV modules has launched the latest generation of the most powerful solar panel with  515.8 Watt power. The company’s product model is the Vertex module series which used several breakthrough features including M12 wafers (210 mm 210 mm), multi bus bar, and 1/3 cells (cutting cells into three pieces instead of two as in half cell design).

The Vertex series with a 21% power conversion rate was launched in February but its mass production started in March. The power density of the Vertex model is close to 214 Watt per square meter. Trina Solar has an ambitious plan to achieve the Vertex module with 600 Watt output power in the near future. They aim to do this by adding one more column of cells to the existing five-column layout design.



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