Light Capturing Ribbon (LCR), an Innovative Solar Cell Tabbing Ribbon

Light Capturing Ribbon (LCR) is a breakthrough in the tabbing ribbon on solar cells. This is a unique and innovative approach in order to increase the solar module’s efficiency. The approach raises the cell-to-module (CTM) ratio by reflecting light back onto the surface of the cell. In other words, this idea is based-on recycling light at the module’s level to increase the amount of light absorbed by the PV module.

The mainstream technology in PV module manufacturing is the flat tabbing ribbon which is similar to a rectangular when a PV module viewed cross-sectional. One of the notable losses mechanisms in the module level is reflecting light from the cell’s ribbons. This factor generally has been under-considered when researchers study the CTM ratio.

The output power of a solar module not only depends on the ability of cells in converting incident sunlight into the electric current but also depends on the loss and gain mechanisms in cell and module levels which are greatly considered in the cell-to-module (CTM) power ratio. 

The increasing CTM ratio leads to improved efficiency of a solar module and reduces the price per watt of it.





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