Mini-Perovskite Panels with 18.13% Efficiency, Future of BIPV?

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), have come up with  21 square centimeters mini perovskite panels with an efficiency of 18.13%. This is the size of a tile and could be considered as a future BIPV module. 

Among the new materials for solar cells, the perovskite is considered particularly promising. It is due to its 

Within the past decade, the efficiency of such perovskite solar cells raised from 3.8% in 2009  to over 25.2 % in 2019. Unfortunately, the best perovskite solar cells contain “toxic lead”, which poses a hazard to the environment and they are not stable for long term uses in the ambient temperature.

NTU Singapore’s mini perovskite panel has appealing efficiency among the highest ever reported for perovskite-based devices above 10 square centimeters. It is also important to note the scientists claim that the cells showed zero losses in open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current when the active areas were scaled to 4 cm2. The perovskite cells are also said to offer the stability of around 90% under 1 sun continuous illumination for over 100 h, provided by a global standard spectrum (AM1.5g) solar simulator, according to PV-Magazine. 


Source:@ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition

Photo:@ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition


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