Most Efficient Commercial Available PV Solar Panels, November of 2020

In order to expand our Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels list, we have added available solar panels with efficiencies above 20.5%. The most efficient solar panels of November 2020 have two new entries as compared to the October list

These two new entries are located at the end of the October list. Namely, Phono Solar’s module from TwinPlus series with 20.71% and LG’s NeoN 2 model with 20.6% efficiency. In both of them, monocrystalline PERC with multi-bus bar (MBB) technologies have been utilized.

Please see the full list of October with link to product datasheets here:

ManufacturerModelCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power DensityPower
SPR-MAX3-400n-typeIBC22.6%226 W/m2400 W
NeoN R ACen-typeMBB22%220 W/m2380 W
Alphan-typeHJT- Half Cell21.7%217.5 W/m2380 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.7%191.3 W/m2375 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.4%188.7 W/m2370 W
HiKu6n-typeHalf Cell21.3%213.7 W/m2590 W
Vertexn-type1/3 cut cells21.1%212 W/m2505 W
Deep Blue 3.0n-typePERCMBB21%214.5 W/m2545 W
Hi-MO 5P-typePERC21%211.7W/m2540 W
JKM 470N- 7RL3n-typeHalf cell MBB20.93%209.8 W/m2470 W
LR4-72 HPH-455n-typePERC Half Cell20.9%209.9 W/m2455 W
JW-I 60Nn-typeIBC20.9%209.1 W/m2340 W
PS 380M4-20/UHn-typeMonoPERC20.71207.6 W/m2380 W
NeoN 2n-typeMBB20.6%206.4 W/m2355 W

This month’s list of most efficient solar panels contained brands such as SunPower, LG, REC Group, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, JA Solar, LONGi Solar, Jinko Solar, Jolywood, and last but not least Phono Solar.

Solar Edition publishes 2 Lists of Top Most Efficient Solar Panels each month. These are published based on the power density factor in the 1st week and 72 cells in the 3rd week of every month. Click here for the complete monthly lists.

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