Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels, April of 2020, 60 Cells

This is the list of Most Efficient 60 cells commercially available solar panels for April of 2020. Dut to COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in closing, cancellation, or postponing many trade shows, we do not observe any significant changes in commercially available solar panels in the market. It has been the mainstream of PV manufacturing and become dominant in the market because of its established history of acceptable manufacturing. It is also worth mentioning that it is the benchmark for comparing the cost-competitiveness of solar panels in electricity production ($/W).

Please see the full list here:

ManufacturerModelCell NumberCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power
NeoN R ACe60n-typeMBB22%380 W
Alpha60n-typeHJT- Half Cell21.7%380 W
NeoN R60n-typeIBC21.7%375 W
NeoN R60n-typeIBC21.4%370 W
JW-I 60N60n-typeIBC20.9%340 W
NeoN 260n-typeMono20.7%355 W
Power XT60n-typeShingle20.5%370 W





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