Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels, April of 2020, 72 Cells

Most Efficient Commercial Available 72 Cells Solar Panels for April of 2020 is now published. The list indicates changes in ranks as we are having a new module, Luxor’s LX410W mono with 144 half-cut cells and multi-bus bar technology. 

This is thanks to one of our active followers, @reciigli. In our updated list of April 2020, Luxor’s LX410W mono with 144 half-cut cells and multi-bus bar technology stood in the third rank. It dropped Trina Solar’s module down to the fourth rank this month.

Another important change is at the end of the list where AXITEC’s premium XL HC model with similar characteristics to Luxor’s module is replaced with TW Solar’s shingle module.

It is important to note that both of them are German developed solar modules. In the following, you can see the complete version of the list.

Please see the full list here:

ManufacturerModelCell NumberCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power
Alpha72MonoHJTHalf-Cut21.3450 W
Hi MO X72MonoPERC Shingle20.8%415 W
LX-410W144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.68%410 W
TSM-NEG 16144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%430 W
JAM72D10 MB144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%420 W
Cheetah HC72144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.38%410 W
CS 1 U 420 MS72MonoPERC Shingle20.37%420 W
Power XT 440c-PD72MonoPERC Shingle20.3%440 W
AXI premium144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.22%450 W





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