Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels, February of 2020, 60 Cells

This is the list of Most Efficient 60 Cells Commercially Available Solar Panels for February of 2020. As we previously promised, Solar Edition is aiming to publish monthly the list of most-efficient 60-cell solar panels in the solar market and industry on the 1st day of every month.

As a surprising point for our followers, we also want to publish the list of most efficient 72-cell solar panels in the market on the 15th of each month. So stay tuned for the 15th. 

Compared to the January list, there is no significant change. LG’s Neon R ACe model is still on top of the list and it is the most efficient solar panel. Moreover, REC Energy’s Alpha series is introduced as the most powerful 60-cell solar panel.

Please see the full list here:

ManufacturerModelCell NumberCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power
LGNeoN R ACe60n-typeMBB22%380 W
REC EnergyAlpha60n-typeHJT- Half Cell21.7%380 W
LGNeoN R60n-typeIBC21.7%375 W
LGNeoN R60n-typeIBC21.4%370 W
JOLYWOODJW-I 60N60n-typeIBC20.9%340 W
LGNeoN 260n-typeMono20.7%355 W
SolariaPower XT60n-typeShingle20.5%370 W

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