Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels, July of 2020, 72 Cells

July’s list of most-efficient 72 cells witnessed intense competition between JA Solar and LONGi Solar’s newest released products. The list did not change in the first and second rank while the main competition was between the third rank to the sixth rank. Here is where we can see products from JA Solar and LONGi Solar that entered them into the “the 500+ module producers” club. The products are placed in the third and fourth rank in order. 

It is worth mentioning that JA Solar’s Deep Blue model has only 5 W more output power than LONGi Solar’s Hi-MO 5 model, however,both of them have the same efficiency. Meanwhile, this competition continued for the next two ranks, 5ht and 6th by JA Solar placed above LONGi Solar.

Obviously, other PV module producers lost their position and went down on the list.  

Please see the full list with link to product datasheets here:

ManufacturerModelCell NumberCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power
Tiger Pro72MonoPERCMBB21.4%530 W
Alpha72MonoHJTHalf-Cut21.3%450 W
Deep Blue 3.0144MonoPERCMBB21%545 W
Hi-MO 572MonoPERC21%540 W
JAM72S10 MB144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.9%420 W
Hi MO 472MonoPERC Shingle20.8%415 W
LX-410W144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.68%410 W
TSM-NEG 16144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%430 W
Cheetah HC72144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.38%410 W
CS 1 U 420 MS72MonoPERC Shingle20.37%420 W
Power XT 440c-PD72MonoPERC Shingle20.3%440 W
AXI premium144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.22%450 W





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