Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels in the Market, July of 2020

The List of Most Efficient Solar panels for July 2020 is now published. July’s list witnessed two significant changes in the middle of the list. By unveiling the Vertex model, Trina Solar outstripped other rivals and stood in the 6th rank. This model has been presented in an unusual cell type, 150 cells, as well as gathering some new technologies in producing this PV module. These technologies include 1/3 cut cells, larger wafer format (M12), and multi-busbar (MBB). 

As previously mentioned, reaching up to 500 W output power has become one of the trends of the solar industry in 2020.

The Tiger pro 72-cell model will be produced under Jinko Solar’s Tiger line of production. Tiger pro features 9 busbars, 2% attenuation power rate for the first year, 21.4% efficiency, tiling ribbon, and 530 watt output power. The 9 bus bars would help to decrease power loss effectively and the tiling ribbon eliminates the cell gaps to increase the module’s efficiency significantly. Mass production of Tiger pro is scheduled to begin in Q3/2020. Thus, there is no information about the dimensions of it to calculate the power density. Therefore, we did not enter it to the July’s list. However, we entered another product of Jinko Solar, Tiger JKM 470N model in the list which was placed in the 7th rank based-on its efficiency and power density.

Please see the full list with link to product datasheets here:

ManufacturerModelCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power DensityPower
SPR-MAX3-400n-typeIBC22.6%226 W/m2400 W
NeoN R ACen-typeMBB22%220 W/m2380 W
Alphan-typeHJT- Half Cell21.7%217.5 W/m2380 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.7%191.3 W/m2375 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.4%188.7 W/m2370 W
Vertexn-type1/3 cut cells21.1%212 W/m2505 W
JKM 470N- 7RL3n-typeHalf cell MBB20.93%209.8 W/m2470 W
LR4-72 HPH-455n-typePERC Half Cell20.9%209.9 W/m2455 W
JW-I 60Nn-typeIBC20.9%209.1 W/m2340 W
NeoN 2n-typeMono20.7%188.1W/m2 355 W
Power XTn-typeShingle20.5%193.7 W/m2370 W
HC 72M 410 Wn-typeHalf Cell20.38%203 W/m2410 W





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