Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels, March of 2020, 72 Cells

72-cell solar panels are less common than their little brothers, 60-cell solar panels. This is due to challenges when installers and homeowners want to install 72-cell solar panels on the rooftops. Homeowners always have little space on their roof and big size solar panels usually lose to 60-cell in the same space due to their sizes and quantity that fits in the space (size ratio, electricity generation, and roof size).

Installers and homeowners always face three problems during mounting 72-cell solar panels. All these problems are related to their bigger size.

  • They are larger and harder to arrange, fit and install in the same limited size area.
  • They are heavier than 60-cell solar panels. Thus, it is harder to carry and it is enforced more safety requirements on roofs.
  • Clamping zones are another problem. Clamping zones are locations where solar panels are fixed to the roof.

Besides all these drawbacks, they are more beneficial in large-scale projects. For instance, they offer less cost per watt compared to 60-cell solar projects.

Here, we present the most efficient commercially available 72-cell solar panels in March without any change compared to February’s list.

Please see the full list here:

ManufacturerModelCell NumberCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power
Alpha72MonoHJTHalf-Cut21.3450 W
Hi MO X72MonoPERC Shingle20.8%415 W
TSM-NEG 16144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%430 W
JAM72D10 MB144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.5%420 W
Cheetah HC72144MonoHalf-CutMBB20.38%410 W
CS 1 U 420 MS72MonoPERC Shingle20.37%420 W
Power XT 440c-PD72MonoPERC Shingle20.3%440 W
ShingleModule-7272MonoPERC Shingle20.2%420 W


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