Most Efficient Commercialized Solar panels of May 2020, According to Efficiency & Power Density

In this month’s list, we present the most-efficient commercial available solar panels in the PV market without considering their cell numbers. But we added an extra column named power density. The first panel of this month is Sun Power’s SPR-MAX3-400 and followed by LG NeoN R ACe and REC’s Alpha. 

What is power density? 

Power density is a parameter that indicates how much energy can be harvested by a solar panel when an area is carpeted for transforming sunlight to power, i.e. electricity.

For example, LONGi Solar’s LR4-72 HPH model and Jolywood’s JW I60N have the same efficiency but LONGi’s solar panel has higher power density. It means that if an area with the same size is carpeted by these two solar panels, LONGi’s solar panel produces more power than that of.

May 2020 Most Efficient PV Solar Panels

Please see the full list here:

ManufacturerModelCell TypeTechnologyEfficiency Power DensityPower
SPR-MAX3-400n-typeIBC22.6%226 W/m2400 W
NeoN R ACen-typeMBB22%220 W/m2380 W
Alphan-typeHJT- Half Cell21.7%217.5 W/m2380 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.7%191.3 W/m2375 W
NeoN Rn-typeIBC21.4%188.7 W/m2370 W
LR4-72 HPH-455n-typePERC Half Cell20.9%209.9 W/m2455 W
JW-I 60Nn-typeIBC20.9%209.1 W/m2340 W
NeoN 2n-typeMono20.7%188.1W/m2 355 W
Power XTn-typeShingle20.5%193.7 W/m2370 W
HC 72M 410 Wn-typeHalf Cell20.38%203 W/m2410 W





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