Most Efficient Solar Panels, January of 2020, 60 Cells

Solar Edition is publishing the list of most-efficient solar panels in the solar market and industry monthly. January 2020 list is now out and compared to the previous list which was published in late 2019, we have taken SunPower’s Maxeon model out of the list because we only want to deal with 60-cell solar panels.

Compared to the late 2019 list, you could see that LG’s Neon R ACe model has taken the place of SunPower’s Maxeon model. REC’s position has not changed and other LG’s NeoN series are coming after the REC. As for the other solar panel manufacturers, they have lost their positions in our latest list of most efficient solar panels in January 2020.  

All top efficient solar panels are made from n-type monocrystalline cells and IBC technology is the most attractive technology for solar PV manufacturers. For us it was very interesting to see shingle technology by Solaria also on this list.

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