New And Unique Architecture Of Solar Cells On A Surface Embossed With Micro-Grooves Aims To Be The Future Of Renewable Energy

Scientists at the University of Sheffield in collaboration with energy technology company Power Roll have developed an innovative solar technology that could potentially drive down costs of solar cell manufacture. In reality, scientists have demonstrated a unique architecture based on a surface embossed with micro-grooves could also make solar power more efficient. According to TechExplorist, Covering opposing walls of micro-grooves with different electrical contacts and then filling them with a solution-processable semiconductor, scientists have shown that it is possible to create a new type of back contacted solar cell. By doing this, scientists were able to diminish several manufacturing process steps required by existing PV modules. In addition, it enables new materials to be used that would not usually be appropriate in regular solar cells. What’s more, the solar modules produced using this design will weigh only a fraction of an equivalent-power conventional solar module. Another advantage of this design includes eviction of expensive transparent conductive oxides, the use of simple and cheap electrical interconnections and the ability to tune electrical output to match user requirements. --------------------***-------------------- Source: ……………………………………. ‘All rights to go to the author of the news & image as mentioned above’ ------------------------------------------- @theuniversityofsheffield @techexplorist