New bifacial solar farm near Brisbane Australia by Singaporean investors

Singaporean investors have shown interest in investing around $3 Million in the Harlin solar park. This solar farm is going to be built about 100 kilometers northwest of Brisbane, Australia.

Keppel Renewable Energy, the renewables department of Keppel Corp based out of Singapore, has planned to buy 45% shares in Harlin Solar which was purposefully established in 2020 for the development of the solar farm in Harlin, Australia.

The solar farm will be built on a 2,055-hectare site between Harlin and Kilcoy and will have a capacity of at least 500 MW.  Keppel will also provide up to AUSD 3.24 million (US$2.45m) to fund development costs and a nominal fee of AUD 540 (US$410) for the shares.

This project will feature bifacial modules that are mounted on single-axis trackers. They will be connected to the 275 kV high voltage national distribution network in Queensland and will provide enough electricity for more than approximately 142,000 Australian homes.

This will be Keppel’s first solar farm project, and according to their managing director Chris Ong, they are planning to increase their portfolio of renewable assets to 7 GW by 2030.

Chris Ong Also said that “This project reflects Keppel’s continuing journey to support the world’s energy needs through renewables,” and “Keppel Renewable Energy will collaborate with other business units and harness the technical and commercial capabilities across the group to develop, own and operate renewable energy infrastructure in a cost-efficient, safe and reliable manner.”

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