Nextracker rolls Bi-Facial solar dice for 750 megawatts

Nextracker rolls bifacial solar dice for 750 megawatts

According to Clean Technica news, NEXTracker is currently involved in close to 750 megawatts of new bifacial solar tracker projects, following recent bank approval of the first utility-scale project with bifacial panels on its single-axis NX Horizon, says Dan Shugar, the founder of the company.
The combination of the two technologies means the array could produce an energy yield of 20% or more than an install on a fixed mount, monofacial panel array, NEXTracker suggests. The specific bifacial boost for this project is dependent on multiple factors including insolation levels, ground reflection albedo, and weather.
LONGi bifacial cells lead the market. Hi-MO3, launched in 2018, is a next-generation bifacial module built with monocrystalline half-cut cells. As of August 2018, LONGi R&D has exceeded 23% front-side efficiency of its bifacial PERC cell, while rear-side efficiency reached 18% and bifaciality surpassed 82%; these benchmarks are all industry-leading milestones, the company reports. The desert test conditions for the NX Horizon included an albedo of 38%, a ground cover ratio of 35%, and a bifacial flash test factor of 85%. The compared fixed-tilt array used the same panels, was fixed at 25% and had a ground cover ratio of 65%, the company said. ——————–***——————–
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‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

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