NOW: Solar Edition Posters Ready to Go on Asker High School Walls in Norway

Project “Young Meet Solar” is our main objective through 2020, which is simply bringing the word of renewables to schools among THE NEXT GENERATION !!! Therefore we have been discussing production of infographic posters with different schools. The content is aimed to be “Sustainable Development” and “Renewable Energy”. 

If your school is interested in joining the “Young Meet Solar” program, contact us today. 🙂

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To be honest, the road has not been that easy and that is why we are super excited today to announce our posters are now going on the walls of the first high school partner, Asker High School. Thank you 🙂 

We hope to get the chance to also hold some workshops in the very near future.

Young Meet Solar Project #1

Source: @Solar_Edition
Photo: @Solar Edition
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