Offshore Wind Will Produce Enough Electricity to Power all Homes in the UK by 2030

UK government has set a target to aim to supply all of the residential electricity needs by offshore wind until 2030. This target has been set under the “Build Back Greener plan” under the present Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We believe that in 10 years’ time the offshore wind will be powering every home in the country, with our target rising from 30 gigawatts to 40 gigawatts,” Boris Johnson said in a speech to the virtual Conservative party conference on October 6.

Today, there is 1GW offshore wind capacity in the UK, while under the ambitious Build Back Greener plan, the government has set 40 GW capacity by 2030. It is important to note that the country had set 30 GW capacity for reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

With these points in mind, some analysts have doubts that such an ambitious plan can be achievable. According to The Engineer, Prof Jon Gluyas, director of the Durham Energy Institute, Durham University, said: “Electricity generated from offshore wind is not a silver bullet for decarbonizing heating nor for decarbonizing transport.  It is not even a silver bullet for decarbonizing power generation.”

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