One of Five Australian Households had a Rooftop Solar Installation, in 2018

In 2018, the rooftop solar market broke another record in Australia & passed 2 million. It was mounted 1.55 GW  capacity over the year which indicated a considerable increase compared to 1.1 GW in 2017.

In early December of 2018, the industry celebrated another milestone, with the number of households enjoying the benefits of rooftop solar exceeding 2 million, according to the Clean Energy Council report. 

In the late year, Australian solar-powered homes reached the number of 2,056,656. These installations contributed to 4.2% of the total energy generation of the country. It means that 1 out of 5 households had a rooftop solar installation in 2018. As an interesting point, this capacity accounted for close to 20% of renewable share in Australia’s electricity generation which is by far MORE than the total medium- and large-scale installed solar PV capacity. Moreover, It noted that the share of medium- and large-scale solar PV in electricity production among renewables were  0.8% and 3.9% in order.

We believe these numbers could show the Australian people trust in Solar Energy, while the government still is promoting fossil fuel, especially coal !!! State policies have been vastly criticized regarding the shift to renewable energies, especially after the devastating Australian fires.  


Source of Information:@Clean.Energy.Council & @Solar_Edition



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