One of the largest off-grid solar projects, Sandfire Resources Mine, Australia

One of the largest off-grid solar projects

According to Juwi news, Low-cost renewable energy is competitive with traditional fossil fuels in many off-grid and mining applications globally. For Sandfire Resources NL, a mid-tier Australian mining company, the juwi Group developed a 10.6MW solar hybrid system to fully integrate with the existing 19MW diesel-fired power station at the DeGrussa Mine. Single axis tracking and a 6MW battery are used to maximize the use of lower cost solar power to provide the majority of daytime electricity while reducing the mine’s total diesel consumption by approximately 20 percent.
Commissioning of the $40 million project commenced in the middle-March of 2016 following installation of the last of the 34,080 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.  The solar array covers a total area of over 20 hectares at the site, which is located immediately adjacent to the DeGrussa underground mine and processing plant. The DeGrussa mine is very remote, located 900km north of Perth, Australia and 150km from the nearest town Meekatharra – population of 800 people.
The innovative project is the largest integrated off-grid solar and battery storage facility in Australia and reportedly, in the world. The project’s 34,080 solar PV panels are attached to a single-axis tracking system mounted on 4,700 steel posts. This tracking system enables the panels to track the sun during the day, improving the plant’s overall production by 20%.

Update 12.02.2019: We have now a new post about another mine in Australia which is utilizing the hybrid solar with battery solution technology that is getting more popular globally everyday.

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Location: Degrussa Mine

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