Oslo Opera House, an early solar functional symbol in Norway

The Oslo Opera house (Operahuset in Norwegian), was built in Oslo in 2007. In the year of 2008, it was decided to integrate 300 square meter built in solar panels on the southern glass walls of this magnificent building. For this project it was decided to use monocrystalline high efficiency solar panels (16% was high efficiency at that time). The total effect of this installation is 35 kW with an insulation of 1000 Watt per square meter in 25 ° Celsius, producing 20,000 kW per year.  This was done to symbolically produce clean energy, but most importantly to prevent the indoors temperature of the opera house to go as high as 40 – 50 degrees on a sunny summer day. Norway is one of the frontiers of Solar PV R&D, with an active public and private sector in this arena.

Sources : NRK Video Interview, Fornybar.no