Oxford PV founder Henry Snaith Awarded Becquerel Prize 2020 For Working on Tandem Cell

Professor Henry Snaith from Oxford PV won one of the most prestigious awards in the Photovoltaic segment. This year’s European Becquerel Prize was awarded to Henry Snaith for his significant contribution to the use of perovskite in solar cells, on both single-junction and multi-junction (tandem) solar cells.

Professor Henry Snaith is the CEO and the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Oxford PV. He received the award virtually at the opening of the annual edition of EU PVSEC 2020 on September 7, 2020.

Conventional solar cells that are made up of silicon have one single active layer to harvest Sun’s power and can utilize only a specific portion of the sunlight spectrum. There is also a limitation to the efficiency of this type of cell. While tandem solar cells contain two or even sometimes four active layers. they are referred to as multijunction solar cells. Thanks to a couple of layers to capture sunlight, they can harness a wider spectrum of sunlight compared to conventional solar cells.

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