PI Berlin Dispels Long-Held Views on Solar Panel Quality

PI Berlin Dispels Long-Held Views on Solar Panel Quality

According to PV-Tech news, The Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin (PI Berlin) has released a new study analysing over time its solar PV panel quality control audits that have topped 250 at more than 120 panel manufacturers worldwide to highlight the current status of ‘quality’, while dispelling long-held misconceptions of the type and location of manufacturers in the quality pecking order. PI Berlin’s new study is based on its third-party factory audits over the past six years.

An important observation from the study is that panel quality has been going in the right direction but variability on almost all key metrics remains a concern. PI Berlin generates a ‘quality rating’ for each PV panel manufactured at a specific manufacturing plant. After all quality audit parameters are made the manufacturers are split into large, medium and small from a capacity perspective.

Interestingly, PI Berlin found that 40.2 % of all PV manufacturers were rated on panel quality as being “Average”. In contrast, only 8.2 % of audited manufacturers met the quality standards to be classified as “Excellent”. However, the study noted that larger factories typically do better overall in quality as there was not a single manufacturer with a production capacity exceeding 3GW per annum that had a “Poor “ or below average quality rating. ——————–***——————–
‘All rights to go to the author of the news & image as mentioned above’
‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

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Date: Jan 23, 2019 @ 10:32

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