PI Berlin has Developed an Assessment Matrix for Li-ion Batteries Quality Check

PI Berlin has developed an assessment matrix to systematically perform Li-ion Battery quality checks on commercial products. PI Berlin is one of the leading and independent technical advisors and quality assurance providers for solar PV stakeholders. The company has made a unique process for quality assessment of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. 

Li-ion batteries have become one of the viable solutions for large-scale solar and wind power with energy storage systems. Its function is mitigating the intermittent nature of renewable power generation by making it accessible for the whole day.  Since an energy storage system is only as good as the batteries which are used, the demand for reliable quality assessments has increased as the number of energy storage projects grows.

PI Berlin assessment service of the production quality of Li-ion batteries and battery systems is a “deep dive” which can provide targeted risk mitigation advice to project owners and investors as well as revealing any potential “weaknesses” in battery production, according to PI Berlin.


Source: @ PI Berlin & @Solar_Edition

Photo:@ PI Berlin & @Solar_Edition


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