Portugal plans to install a 257 MW solar energy-plus-storage power plant

Spanish energy provider Endesa and Portuguese renewable energy company Hyperion Renewables are planning to build a solar power plant in southern-central Portugal in Évora.

This power plant will have 571,111 solar panels with a capacity of 257 MW. It will also include storage and a 10 MW storage system. This plant will have two hours of autonomy and has an estimated production of 400,000 MWh in a year.

According to a spokesperson of Hyperion in an interview with pv magazine, the plant is in an advanced phase of licensing with all rights secured. Also since the start of the year, the project has received favorable approval from the Évora city council.

It was also stated that “This is a solid project that meets the vast majority of grid requirements and is in good condition to be one of the next to receive technical studies from the transmission system operator,” Endesa and Hyperion Renewables stated. “Our expectations are that it will be one of the next projects to receive authorization.” However, there are criteria that depend on the network operator. “We are also confident in these criteria,”

The Portuguese government also plans to install multiple plants that amount to 3,500 MW in total that has been approved by the Portuguese transmission system operator (REN) and the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGRG).

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