Possible applicaions for light-weighted Solar-powered houses

The Tiny Solar-Powered House is an off-grid home on wheels that is powered by photovoltaic panels. These light-weighted houses could be utilized in various applications

Home on the wheels for offroaders

Remote areas where power is not available

Emergency Situations & other extreme circumstances.

According to NewAtlas news, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses was designed and built first time for a client with special needs. The customer wanted a house that he could regularly tow with his existing pickup truck. In response, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses went to significant trouble to ensure the Tucson tiny house is as light and aerodynamic as possible, while also adding neat features like solar power and an elevating bed.
The Tucson’s solar power system comprises two 360 watt panels on an adjustable base on the roof, plus a couple that serve as a fold-up the awning to the side of the house. These are wired into a controller, inverter, and a bank of 3 24 V/ 100 Ah lithium batteries.
Structurally, the home consists of metal SIPs (structural insulated panels), which Boulder, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses says are lighter but more expensive than the wood-lined SIPs often used in tiny houses.
All the solar and weight-saving gear significantly raised the price on this one and a similarly equipped house as shown will set you back around US$93,000. Hopefully, mass production of these units could be done with a much cheaper budget.

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Possible applicaions for light-weighted Solar-powered houses

‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

Location: Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

Date: Mar 27, 2019 @ 10:05

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