Print paper -thin solar panels

Paul Dastoor from the University of Newcastle

This one is about 2 years old, but come on it’s still a golden research concept when it’s finally commercialized !!! According to Specially designed printed solar panels by Paul Dastoor from the University of Newcastle in Australia and his team of researchers, who are in the final stage of examining this printed solar solution.

This solar panels can be printed at “massive scale” with the help of machines, meaning they could be used for speedy roll out across wide  areas. Handy, especially in times of disaster and cyclone affected areas.

It has huge structural differences than traditional solar cell. They tend to be large, heavy, encased in glass — tens of millimeters thick. Dastoor explained,”We’re printing them over plastic film that’s less than 0.1 of a millimeter thickness.”

Dastoor said that printed solar panels would perform solar photovoltaics panels in low light, and could prove to be more cost-effective than  the conventional fossil fuels. One of the advantages of these materials is they  can generate more electricity at low intensity light levels than conventional PVs [photovoltaics], so that means we need not need to care much about where sun is pointing,we just place it there and generation will began.




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