Quick facts About The Depth of Solar PV Penetration In Germany, In 2018

In early June 2019, we reported that Germany achieved a remarkable milestone in that month. For the first time, solar PV became the largest single contributor to its electricity output for the month. Later throughout the year, solar PV covered 8.7% of Germany’s net electricity demand in 2018, according to the Fraunhofer ISE’s Photovoltaics Report. Moreover, renewable sources delivered about 43% of the total net power consumption in 2018 in Germany.

We also noted that Germany increased this portion over the first six months of the year up to 3%.it means renewables provided a total of 46% of Germany’s electricity production. 

As the last fact, solar PV electricity helped avoiding 28 million tons (Mt) CO2 during 2018.


Source:@FraunhoferISE & @Solar_Edition



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