Raw Materials Breakdown for Building a 1 Megawatt Solar Photovoltaic Plant, 2017

This post is about the breakdown of materials needed for building a 1 MW solar PV power plant. What we would like to underline here is that although many countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, the USA, and parts of the EU have the technology to produce solar panels, there exist many countries worldwide where they lack the knowledge and infrastructures of manufacturing solar panels. So if we look away from developing green energy as a good cause, the question would be how can the solar industry help such developing countries in improving their economics? 

Well, training experts & renewable jobs is for sure one of them, but there is more to this. At first glance, these countries are only a good consumer of solar technology owners. However, lacking panel production technology doesn’t mean the host country could not take part in providing the rest of the raw materials and services needed for building a solar PV power plant. These are all above building structures, to cable pulling and after installation services. 

The above photo represents the main materials needed for plants in the industry and thus indicates the kinds of industries most relevant to supply the inputs needed for solar energy deployments such as glass, aluminum, silicon, and semiconductors.

It also noted that 95% of the total solar PV production in 2017 was based on Si-wafer technology. 


Source:@IRENA & @Solar_Edition



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