Renewable Energy Share in Germany’s Electricity Generation is Skyrocketing

It was in the last days of February that we reported that for the first time in the history of Germany, the share of renewable electricity generation into the electricity mix of the country has exceeded the share of fossil fuels, in 2019. At that time, renewable electricity accounted for  46% of the total electricity generation, however, fossil fuels allotted slightly more than 40% to itself.

Currently, renewable energy is on the track to set another record. According to new figures from Fraunhofer ISE, renewables electricity such as solar PV and wind power have accounted for 52.4% of national electricity generation thus far this year.

One of the main drivers of this increase can be attributed to favorable weather conditions in Germany during this period. It is important to note that over the first sixth months of this year the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix was 55.8%. 

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