Residential Battery Storage Systems Grew Close to 60% over the Previous Year in Europe

Residential Battery Storage System could become popular coupled with rooftop solar installation in Europe as the third wave of expanding solar power. SolarPower Europe’s new report shows the battery storage system in the residential-scale has grown close to 60% over the previous year in Europe.

According to TaiyangNews, the European residential solar installation with battery storage presents itself as an untapped market potential since only 7% of residential solar installation in this segment is coupled with battery storage.

Most of the residential battery storage adoption is concentrated in Germany with close to 500 MWh in installed capacity which ensures the country enjoys a 66% market share in this space followed by Italy, UK, Austria, and Switzerland. These five markets comprise over 90% of the European market share.

One of the key benefits of battery storage systems is that it provides flexibility and reliability to the electricity grid in order to supply the electricity demand.

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Source:@ TaiyangNews & @Solar_Edition
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