Roles of EU and the U.S. in Coal Electricity and CO2 emissions seem to contradict with China

In 2019, the coal-fired electricity generation dropped 3% down which resulted in a 2% fall in carbon dioxide emissions. Among giant producers of carbon dioxide, the U.S. and Europe have halved their coal electricity generation from 2007 through 2019. Only last year, it was fallen by almost a quarter in the EU and by 16% in the US. While China’s reliance on coal-fired plants has risen up for another year to make up half the world’s coal generation for the first time.

According to Guardian, the world’s electricity generation revealed the steepest cut in carbon emissions since 1990 as the US and the EU turned to cleaner energy sources.

The main cause of this drop is not due to either the cost-competitiveness of renewable electricity compared to coal electricity or to supporting renewable electricity based on rectifying policies in favor of them. In the U.S case, the country switched to use more gas. It is just moving away from one fossil fuel to another one. But the EU is leapfrogging from coal to wind and solar.


Source of Information:@guardian & @Solar_Edition



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