Rooftop Solar Installation Surged in Australia Despite COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020

Australia has created history with its widespread installation of rooftop PV panels since 2018. Rooftop solar installations arrived in 2 million homes in 2018. This was a fascinating number showing that one of five Australian Households had a rooftop solar installation at that time. Then back in 2019, the additional rooftop solar capacity of the country passed 2 GW for the first time.

The trend has now continued, despite the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures, both the rooftop solar capacity and count have increased by 18% as compared to 2019 statistics. This adds up to more than 2.6 GW capacity and 333,978 installations supplied the electricity demand of homes and fed the grid.

According to PV-Magazine, Key to that record growth is the nation’s widespread acceptance of the rooftop solar installation.

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Source:@ PV-Magazine & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @Solar_Edition
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