Rooftop Solar Supplies Electricity Demand For Facebook’s Singapore Datacenter

100MW rooftop solar installation supplies electricity demand for Facebook‘s data center in Singapore. This capacity will be procured by 1,200 public housing residential blocks and 49 governmental buildings until 2022. It is important to note that all of this power will not be consumed only by Facebook’s data center but will also be fed into the same grid used by Facebook to procure its electricity needed facilities.

According to TaiyangNews, Singaporean solar energy company Sunseap Group has landed a solar power supply contract with global technology company Facebook. This contract is in the form of a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) under which the power generated by offsite rooftop solar panels will be used by Facebook. Facebook will purchase this solar power at a pre-determined tariff and in return receive renewable energy credits (REC) from electricity produced from the solar panels.

It is worth mentioning that with this deal, Facebook has contracted over 5.4 GW of new renewable energy in order to support its global power consumption.

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Source:@ TaiyangNews & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @Solar_Edition
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