Salt River Solar Plant in Arizona Provides Power to Large Customers

Distinguished Solar plant in Eloy, Salt River Project, is a 100 MW solar plant that provides power for regional large customers including Apple, PepsiCo, Target, Boeing, and Dignity Health. This project is so important that will be called Central Line Solar.

As one of the special features of the solar plant, it includes single-axis trackers. Therefore, it could yield as much as 30% more power than a stationary plant. The plant can generate electricity for 25,000 households as well as reduce carbon emissions by 60% in 2035 and by 90% in 2050, based on 2005 levels.

Officials believe that large, centralized solar power plants, especially feature trackers, are the most cost-efficient way to add renewable energy to the power grid, according to AZCentral.

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Source:@azcentral & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @azcentral & @Solar_Edition
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