Say Hello to VIPV, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Enjoys Solar Roof & Extended Range

Say Hello to Solar Panels in the car body. Ever heard of VIPV? Well it stands for Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics and it is pretty much a reality now in the automobile industry, with Sion, Lightyear one and Cyber Truck. Now Hyundai is joining the game with a different approach. A Hybrid car that charges its battery with its integrated solar panels !!!

Actually we did expect this due to our news from them a while back that they were working on this concept. The new hybrid vehicle made by Korean manufacturer “2020 Hyundai Sonata hybrid” is another one of the upcoming vehicles that uses solar energy. This vehicle is said to add more that 1300 KM in a 12 month duration with the solar panels mounted on the roof, And with the exposure of around 6 hours a day.

The manufacturers said that the solar panels on the roof can add roughly 3.5 KM of range per day. It is mentioned that the solar panels can directly charge the 12-volt hybrid batteries that powers the starter motor and accessories with and electrical output of 205 watts.

Source: @Solar_Edition
Photo: @ieeeorg, @ Akuo Energy @ ocean sun & @Solar_Edition
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