Quick Facts About The Depth of Solar PV Penetration In Spain, In 2019

Spain often named as one of the pioneer countries that added solar PV electricity into its electricity mix. In 2004, Spain connected renewable electricity to the grid for the first time. Although it experienced some ups and downs and elapsed a dark age decade after the successful year of 2008, the installed solar PV hit another high record and reached  4680 MW compared to 288 MW added capacity in 2018.

According to SolarPower EU, the positive development of PV in Spain can be traced back to two technology-neutral renewable auctions held in 2017, which aimed to comply with 2020 targets; PV energy was awarded 4 GW (AC). The capacity must be installed before the end of 2019, which would set a new record for PV capacity added in a single year in Spain. The previous high record back to 2008 when Spain added 2.7 GW solar capacity during a single year.


Source of Information:@SolarPowerEU & @Solar_Edition



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