Scientists Developed Smart Window with Hydrogel-based Liquid Within Glass panels

Smart window is not a new idea. This idea was proposed to provide welfare and economic benefits for occupants of residential and commercial buildings. But scientists at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a new type of smart window in which a liquid (Hydrogel) was embedded within glass panels. This new type of configuration for windows brings several benefits over other windows such as double glazed windows.

Hydrogel-based windows have advantages including better energy-saving, better-blocking noise, cost-effiectiveness, and regulating solar transmission than conventional double-glazed windows.

According to SolarDaily, NTU’s smart window reduces noise 15% more effectively than the double-glazed window and can help reduce up to 45% of energy consumption in buildings than the glass window. It is also around 30% more energy-efficient than commercially available low-emissivity (energy-efficient) glass while being cheaper to make.

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Source:@ SolarDaily & @Solar_Edition
Photo: @ SolarDaily & @Solar_Edition
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