The Problem

Are you also the type who feels like what’s happening around us with the climate change, global warming & political lobbies continuing to increase fossil fuel consumption is not correct and you would like to do something about it? Well then you are not alone …

Our Solution

In the age of “Fake News” & the time when our democracies are endangered, we still believe in Democracy & Power of People as the only solution. We at Solar Edition believe activists need to join forces against the danger we meet by climate changes. We therefore need to educate the public crowd and professionals with technical alternatives and opportunities of renewable energies.

So how could a bunch of Engineers do this? Well, by start telling others what they did know best, The Art of Renewable Engineering. We at Solar Edition, have started walking this path, on LinkedIn & Instagram, for almost a year now, but we need your help to continue.

Our main goal could be summarized in expansion of use of renewable energies globally, by education of the crowd & professionals with enormous opportunities of Solar Energy & Renewable Energy Storage Solutions. Making the word a better place, one step at a time …

Solar Edition Founders Team

Ready to help?

We are in need of few volunteers & Trainees to assist us on daily basis to reach our goals & even further. What skills do we need?

1 – Engineers / Professionals familiar with Solar Energy
2 – Graphics & Design
3 – Web Design & IT
4 – Social Media & Marketing

Joing Solar Edition

If you have one of the skills mentioned above (or you are just interested) & are willing to be engaged in a community based work on a daily basis, please contact us for further information on the Solar Edition Volunteer & Trainee program.

What’s in it for you?

– For volunteers, as the rest of us, we get to sleep with better conscious at night, knowing we have done some good in the times of great danger, where we are faced with the question if we are the last generation !!!
– For our trainees, the program is at least 3 months & you would receive training in doing community based team work, professional engineering research & Social Media work. The applicants would receive an official trainee certificate stating their scope of work & trained skills during their time at Solar Edition.

At the end it must be mentioned that Solar Edition is an equal opportunity organisation. We are a multi-cultural diverse team based around the globe & we celebrate diversity. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all of our team members regardless of race, gender, religion or believes. If you are interested please fill the application form below & send it to us. You will hear from us shortly.

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