Shingled Bifacial Solar PV with a capacity of 620 W is being launched by SunPower

New shingled module with a power output of 620 W was launched by the SunPower spinoff, Maxeon Solar Technologies. SunPower is a US-based group with its majority stake being held by French energy giant Total.

Shingled modules are formed when solar cells are cut into strips and overlapped inside the framed module. This removes the intercell gaps which allow more silicons to fit into the module. This increases the power output and the efficiency of the module

These new shingled modules will have high efficiency and will be bifacial mono-PERC solar panels. They will also be made with large format eight-inch G12 wafers and will have an efficiency of 21.2%. The group is trying to commercialize the module in the fourth quarter of this year. 

SunPower has said that: “Our release of the new SunPower Performance 5 panels comes along with a renewed commitment to large-scale installations supported by significant manufacturing capacity scale-up of shingled cell panel technology by our Huansheng Photovoltaic (HSPV) joint venture in China”.

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