Solar Accounts for 50% share in Electricity Demand supply for Western Australia

Solar power has become the mainstream in terms of electricity generation in Australia, especially in Western Australia during September and occasionally in November. Although this milestone was not a new thing in Australia, there are two substantial points about Western Australia that need attention.

The first point is that rooftop solar installation was supplying 45.6% of the electricity demand (or 947MW) and utility-scale solar installation 4.8% of it (or 100MW). The combination of these two types of installation reached more than 50% – a level that was maintained for around four hours.

The second point is related to the electric grid of Western Australia. Western Australia’s grid is isolated and has no network links to another state.

It is worth mentioning that rooftop solar installation has been grown more than 2 times from 2017 to 2019.

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Photo: @Solar_Edition
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