“Solar City Seoul”, Supplying 1 Million Homes & all Public Buildings with 1 GW Solar Energy

South Korea as Asia’s fourth-largest economy plans to make its capital, Seoul a “solar city” and it is called The Solar City Seoul project. The work is set to be finished by the year 2022, bringing Seoul cumulative installed solar capacity to around 1 GW. The purpose of this project is to install solar panels on every public building and a quarter of the houses in Seoul (around 1 million homes) to reduce their CO2 emission by more than half a billion tonnes.

South Korea is planning to lower its dependency from fossil fuels to more power from renewables. This brings the country one step closer to this goal. This is not South Korea’s first solar project in Seoul. There are already more than 160,000 homes equipped with solar panels and some other projects that are being implemented as we speak. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government website, Seoul was selected as the final winner in the renewable energy category of the annual C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards.

These are some of the steps, taken by the Korean government, to increase their renewable share in South Korea’s energy market to cover 30% – 35% of the country’s energy demand.


Source:@worldeconomicforum & @Solar_Edition

Photo:@iseoulu @ Nadezhdanadeina / @pixabay @Solar_Edition 


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