Solar-Powered Travel Trailer

There’s no dispute that travel trailers are gaining popularity among those looking to get off the grid and use fewer natural resources, especially while enjoying activities such as camping and road tripping. The Polydrop trailer is an impressive option for your next adventure At 760 pounds and just over 12 feet in length.
According to Inhabitat, The interior is lit with recessed LED lighting, and thick insulation protects inhabitants from all sorts of weather while saving energy. Heating (controlled by a thermostat), lighting and the electronic system are all powered by a solar panel.
For the unfussy traveler who just needs a place to rest and some storage, the Polydrop certainly offers a successful approach to camping and road-tripping.
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Solar-Powered Travel Trailer

‘All rights go to the author of the news and image mentioned above’

Location: Oslo, Norway

Date: Apr 26, 2019 @ 16:15

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