Solar Unique Diversities

Simply just over 1% of the Great Sahara Desert covered with solar panels can meet the energy requirement of the whole world [1]. Knowing this, it is easier to digest why more than half of renewable investments has been in solar [2]. The solar energy is the key for developing countries to gain sustainable growth, since it is is cheaper both Capex-wise and Opex-wise. On the other hand, for those countries who suffer from air pollution, e.g. China, India and Iran, the pollution-free energy production side of the solar is the drive. In this picture, Russia can take advantage of the wide geography she enjoys and produce solar energy more than 20 hours a day in summer, hence robust electricity energy export can eclipse gas export. For Sahara and other African countries, Solar can lighten up the life of humankind. It is not freaking out to say that unless an energy source greener and cheaper pops up, the future of energy is dominated by solar.

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