Solar was in the leading position in the total added capacity in India during 2015-2019

Solar energy took the leading position among renewables in the total added capacity in India during 2015-19. During this period, solar energy was accounted for nearly 30 GW out of 98 GW, total added capacity in India.

According to government data, India added 98 GW capacity, renewables and fossil fuels, in total from March 2015 to December of 2019. Although the majority of added capacity was renewable sector, fossil fuels, especially coal, have supplied more electricity than renewables. However, the good news is that the share of fossil fuels in India’s installed capacity has dropped from 69.5% to 62.6% in December 2019. Moreover, the share of renewables increased from 13.2% to 23.3% during the same period. 

Wind, biomass/gas, hydro and nuclear shares are 14 GW, 9.8 GW, 4 GW, and 1 GW during the same period. The share of coal is 42 GW. It is also noted that some capacities have been phased out in coal-powered power plants in addition to some failed capacity in gas-fired power plants due to lack of any meaningful support from government policies.


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