Solar Edition is an independent & non-profit organization, registered in Norway, with focus on educating the public & professionals about Solar Energy & Renewable Energy Storage Solutions. This has brought us tens of thousands of followers on Social Media (LinkedIn & Instagram). However we suffer from very limited budget that has been funded solely by our founders. In order to continue our path & grow, we are dependent on standing on our own feet & having a adequate budget to our level of activity. To protect our independence & continue our path, it is required to have a strong & crystal clear strategy on Advertisement, Donation & Sponsorship. The plans are explained as below.

Donation, for individuals …

Donation plans are planned for private persons who are interested to back Solar Edition with their support. The donation amount is not fixed and can be anything as little as 1€. We are planning to implement this support plan through PayPal.

Advertising with Solar Edition

We urge all of Solar Energy active companies to promote their products & services via our platform. In this way it would be seen by tens of thousands of Solar Energy interested end users & professionals. By doing so you are being seen exactly by those who should be seeing your products & services.

Why advertise with us?
– Being seen by almost 10 thousands of Solar Energy Interested Followers
– Supporting an independent & Non-Profit organization
– Good reputation & Tax Reductions

Solar Edition Financial Team

Sponsorship & Donation Plan:

As stated above, to continue our path while staying independent, we have placed following Sponsorship & Donation strategy. Sponsorship is a support option for institutions & companies which would also bring them certain benefits.

Why Sponsoring us as a company?

Being seen as our sponsor by almost 10s of thousands of our followers globally
– Supporting a Non-Profit organization
– Good reputation
– Tax Reductions

Solar Edition Financial Team

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