Solar Edition is an independent & non-profit organization, with focus on educating the crowed & professionals about Solar Energy & Renewable Energy Storage Solutions. This has brought us thousands of followers on Social Media. However we suffer from very limited budget that has been funded by donation of our founders. In order to continue our path & grow, we are dependent on standing on our own feet & having a adequate budget to our level of activity. To protect our independence & continue our path, it is required to have a strong & clear strategy on Advertisement, Donation & Sponsorship. The plans are explained as below.

Advertising with Solar Edition

We urge all of Solar Energy active companies to advertise their products & services via our platform to be seen by thousands of Solar Energy interested end users & professionals. By doing so you are being seen exactly by those who should be seeing your products & services.

Why advertise with us?
– Being seen by almost 10 thousands of Solar Energy Interested Followers
– Supporting an independent & Non-Profit organization
– Good reputation & Tax Reductions

Solar Edition Financial Team

Sponsorship & Donation Plan:

As stated above, to continue our path while staying independent, we have placed following Sponsorship & Donation strategy. Donation could be done by both individuals & companies. All transactions would be registered & published in our yearly accounting. This would also be reflected on our website for those who are interested (your data privacy is our top priority).

Why Sponsoring us as a company?

Being seen as our sponsor by almost 10 thousands of our followers globally
– Supporting a Non-Profit organization
– Good reputation
– Tax Reductions

Solar Edition Financial Team

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