Sono Motor Aims to Utilize IBC Solar Cells in Their Commercially Available Solar Car, Sion

Sono Motors is planning to embed “interdigitated back contact” (IBC) technology, in order to extend their Solar Car range. According to Sono Motor, thanks to the new technology, 248 solar cells can be seamlessly integrated into the body. 

The Sono Motors solar car is called Sion and it is to be commercially available in the very near future. Sion is a car with VIPV technology, which can charge its battery during the day while exposed to the sun.

What is IBC Technology?

In this technology, conventional busbars and fingers that are responsible for gathering and transmitting produced charge carriers, electrons, in cells to the external port have been moved to the rear sides of cells. Thanks to these movements, they result in reducing losses from cell interconnections and increasing accessible active areas for electron generation. 

The Munich based carmaker, Sono Motors, is now working together with “Valoe Oyj”, Finland based PV equipment producer, to equip Sion with their IBC cells. ZEBRA solar cell architecture in Sion’s future models will have been as a low cost 23% plus diffused and screen printed IBC technology that reaches 700mV voltage even without passivating contacts.



Photo:@ electrive, @newmobility, @twitter, & @Solar_Edition


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